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We offer a wide portfolio of products in order to meet our customers´ demand with a high degree of flexibility and individuality. We create risk analyses, observe social trends and developments, work out individual security strategies, analyze regional and international relations within the global market and develop investment strategies for new markets. Apart from that, we also offer tailor-made analyses and individual strategic solutions which are specially geared to the requirement of your business.

The expansion of business and the investment in foreign countries and business sectors are successful if the reasons for and background of political, economic and social processes are clear and a reliable prognosis for future developments can be made. The Asian region is of special interest to businesses which aim at further development or new markets. The growth engine Asia is already responsible for 30% of the global GDP. With a 60% share of the world´s population and a constantly growing middle class, the Asian economic area offers the highest growth potential. A high investment rate and self-sustaining growth offer extraordinary opportunities to develop new market for sales and production. We establish a reliable basis of information for our customers, which helps to minimize the risks to a manageable degree.

With parameters like for example a young population structure together with a rising standard of living, the increasing importance of economic development, investments in technology and the view to high yield prospects due to economic liberalization, Asia´s emerging markets have moved to the center of business focus. However, systems which appear stable today might develop completely differently in the future due to critical developments. For this reason, we create individually adapted security concepts and offer security advice on high-threat regions. We analyze and assess the local threat potential and recommend suitable prevention measures.

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